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Easier now buy Strelitzia. Internet market STUDIO Flores is refined bouquets of eustoma for any celebration. Series Flowers in hat boxes will be able to please the desires scrupulous buyers. Low prices for Bouquet "Winter's Tale", Bouquet roses "Mysticism", Wedding bouquet 31 will give the opportunity to buy convenient and cost-effective. The most convenient delivery Left Coast and to other districts of Kiev. Online shop florists flores-shop.com.ua at a low price will embody any of your floral ideas. Gift for a man — fresh compositions at affordable prices.

Gift for a man

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What to give a man? Many are tormented by this question, on the eve of a birthday, anniversary or some significant event.
To make your task easier, florists STUDIO Flores have developed a spacious author’s composition, with a stylish bouquet and no less stylish gift set.

The composition of the gift can be changed at your request.

2 amaryllis, calla, 2 ilex branches, palm leaf, quercus branch, strelitzia leaf and phoenix branch.

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During the year, there are several holidays that require the purchase of gifts for the stronger sex. What is the best way to congratulate? If this is a congratulation of a loved one, then surely present, then what he dreams of. But if we are talking about congratulating a colleague, carrying a partner or friend, then it is better to give a neutral, exclusively designed gift. Thus, you will emphasize the status and the fact that you have responsibly approached his choice.

When to congratulate a representative of the stronger sex

Birthday, professional holiday, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, a date with the main hobby (Day of a motorist, fisherman, football fan) – that’s how many reasons to give your attention to someone important to you.

“There is an opinion that it is easier to congratulate women. They love flowers, jewelry, new wardrobe items. And what to give men: football tickets, a fishing rod, dumbbells or a mug for your favorite drink? ”

Our experts in floristic art showed one of the options for the invented sets. The gift set consists of a plant composition and a useful addition.

The round box contains amaryllis, calla, quercus branch, idex berries, palm and strelitzia leaves, and a phoenix branch. You can order our men’s set or come up with your own stylish addition to match an elite bouquet. Likewise, STUDIO Flores will create corporate New Year gifts tailored to the proposed budget.

A question requiring a precise answer

There is a misconception that men do not need flowers. This opinion is wrong. A representative of the stronger sex needs a no-frills bouquet that emphasizes his character, masculinity. Instead of roses and gladioli, try ordering a bouquet with exotic representatives.

A convenient way is the ability to order flowers, a gift set by online interaction with our store. This will solve 3 problems at once:

  • you appreciate a man (it can be a boyfriend, husband, father, adult brother, uncle, grandfather);
  • give the necessary things;
  • if the gift is personalized, you emphasize that this person occupies an important position in your life.

As for congratulating colleagues, instead of the third point, a gender feature is triggered, which distinguishes men in the team in connection with the holiday.

Each buyer is offered free flower delivery in Kiev, regardless of whether the order was made for flowers in the amount of 1 set or more.

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