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Spray rose 'Bombastic' – Flower shop STUDIO Flores
  • Spray rose 'Bombastic' – Flower shop STUDIO Flores
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Easy peasy pick up Dendrobium Orchids. Internet shop https://flores-shop.com.ua/ can recommend fashionable bouquets for the bride for the occasion or just like that. A selection Roses justify intentions regular customers. Low price tags for Balloon set 15, Bouquet with daisies and roses, Buy flowers inexpensively will allow you to choose without unnecessary waste. Pickup or shipment Left Coast and to other districts of Kiev. Experienced market florists flores-shop.com.ua at affordable prices will embody any of your wishes. Spray rose "Bombastic" — incredible presents at the best prices.

Spray rose “Bombastic”

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The creamy spray rose Bombastic is an excellent example of the work of domestic breeders. It has a delicate creamy powdery color, a dense bud that remains half-open during flowering, a dense stem and excellent vitality.
Order a bouquet of 5, 7, 9, 11 or 21 Bombastic spray roses.

You can find more options for author’s bouquets of roses following the link.

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Looking at these flowers, it seems that they arose from a melancholy, pensive state. Delicate, with a creamy shade, as if formed from a haze of dreams. Spray rose “Bombastic” will bring elegance, charm to congratulations and form a flair of mystery.

“Whatever flower a rose is crossed with, it will remain the most beautiful among many new variations”

Despite the fact that only the rose has thorns, this flower is the most beloved of the female half.

Arrangement in bouquets

1. Those who like classic solutions will decide to order a bouquet of roses in the same color.
2. Light flesh-colored buds are combined with light lilac additions.
3. A bouquet of yellow roses of the “Bombastic” variety will look advantageous in a bouquet with reddish-brown components. It can be both flowers and leaves (for example, kuerkas).
4. Palm branches, ruscus, olive will perfectly set off the proud heads of the queen of the bouquet.
5. Deciding to buy roses, give up the duet with geacinths or daffodils. They release special components into the water, which will quickly age the delicate buds of the “queen of gardens”.
6. Lilies, peonies, calla lilies, orchids, hydrangea, brunia, lilacs are impressed by roses.

If you find it difficult to order a bouquet due to the wide variety or inability to choose compositions for a specific type of gift, contact our consultants for help. They will advise which bouquet is offered to buy, and suggest where you can find its image on the website of the online store.

Order roses with delivery

There are people who like to choose every flower in a bouquet. Such people are happy to go to a flower shop and slowly make an order for flowers, which takes place under their personal control. They are not interested in buying with delivery, since the purchased goods are taken from the store themselves.

Now the purchase of bouquets takes place online. In the STUDIO Flores online store, in addition to a bouquet of flowers, you can buy in addition some kind of souvenir, choose a postcard, a box of chocolates, a soft toy or balloons.

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