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Ten cream roses "Lovelace"
  • Ten cream roses "Lovelace"
  • Ten cream roses "Lovelace" – image 2

It just got easier book now Austin roses. Online catalog flores-shop.com.ua can advise magical bush rose in a bouquet for guidance or family and friends. A selection Wholesale flowers able to please demanding clients. Budget prices for Bouquet of 9 white eustomas, Moon, Bouquet in a box with hydrangea "Laguna" will give an opportunity to get inexpensive. The fastest delivery Kiev and to other districts of Kiev. Shop specialists flores shop at an affordable price will make an original edible composition. 10 roses "Lovelace" — are nice gifts at an affordable price.

10 roses “Lovelace”

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The online flower shop STUDIO Flores offers to buy in small wholesale rose of the “Lovelace” variety.
10 cream roses are offered in technical packaging, not peeled or processed.

If you need to arrange 10 roses in the form of a bouquet, then you will be additionally paid:
– the cost of the services of a florist for cleaning a rose is 150 UAH.
– the cost of floristic packaging – 65 UAH.


10 cream Lovelace roses are a set of flowers in a technical package used to facilitate the transportation of flora.

“Flowers are in a“ shirt ”that protects the inner petals from the action of the sun, wind and a certain temperature difference, the neighborhood of buds. The outer layer prevents damage to the more delicate inner contents of the flower. Florists do not recommend taking off the shirt from the buds because then the bud becomes less protected and the petals fall off more likely. A boton shirt may differ in the color of the petals in the bud and be slightly injured, but the more natural natural beauty of roses with a shirt is appreciated all over the world. “

Buy flowers in bulk in Kiev

In the STUDIO Flores online store you can buy flowers in small wholesale. What is a small wholesale? This is when everyone can buy roses in packs of multiples of 10, at a better price than retail. When is it profitable to buy “Lovelace” roses from 10 pieces ?:

  • want to make a small present for two people: mom and daughter. Then 2 bouquets of 5 roses will be a great option for you;
  • you need to congratulate your colleagues on some holiday, for example, on March 8th. The budget is limited, but you can buy several packs of roses and give each lady 1 rose. This will not only solve the problem with a small budget for congratulations, but also please the women in the team;
  • love it when there are flowers in a vase at home. Then by buying one or several packs of 10 roses, you can inexpensively decorate your home with live fresh roses;
  • In Europe, it is customary to buy an even number of flowers without packaging, such purchases are considered daily for the mood. Perhaps you will also like this tradition, which will help you not only save your budget, but also please your loved ones a little more often.

Flowers are ordered as usual. Fill out the online form, in the “Quantity” column indicate how many you want to choose in sets of 10 pieces. The managers of the flower shop STUDIO Flores will call back to clarify the details of the order.

Chrysanthemums wholesale will be decided by those who need true autumn flowers. And if you dream of finding something voluminous and smelling, hydrangea is suitable: you can buy it in bulk from 5 pieces cheaper, and the bouquets will turn out to be simply gorgeous.

Flower delivery in Kiev

About 80% of our clients, who order bouquets, place orders with delivery. Flower delivery (Kiev) saves a few hours for small wholesalers. To receive flowers ready for donation or urgent use for another purpose, we suggest ordering a stripping of roses, packaging in a stylistic format.

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