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Very easy find Roses Shrub. Online Market flores shop is refined chrysanthemum bouquets for a name day or other holiday. A selection Bouqets for men can satisfy desires regular customers. Fairly budget prices for Baby Bunny, The unicorn, Compliment with hyacinths will give the opportunity to buy at no extra cost. The most careful delivery Lesnoj massiv and to other districts of Kiev. Experienced online store masters flores-shop.com.ua at low prices will fulfill any of your wishes. Bouquet with Ilex berries — are nice gifts at a bargain price.

Bouquet with Ilex berries

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Do you want to give something unusual, stylish and long lasting ?!
Especially for such an occasion, we have prepared a bouquet with ilex berries. Ilex is a winter berry associated with the New Year. A bright scarlet color will transform any interior, and the texture of the branches will add lightness and grace.
The bouquet uses 7 branches, which can be arranged from 1 to 3 in different vases throughout the house. The berries, like any flowers, require water, so do not forget to add water to the vase.

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A classic bouquet is created from flowers. But what if you dream up and form a version of berries? Of course, it will be inedible, because the summer fruits we are familiar with quickly deteriorate. However, there is such a representative of the flora, which resembles holiday lights and has 3 names: ilex, holly, holly.

“Ilex is a plant with round fruits, curly leaves with sharp ends. Due to its long-term freshness after cutting, the plant is used to create ikebana, New Year’s bouquets and wreaths. Wide stems are strong, so berries can be equated with flowers with buds and create of which an extraordinary, winter bouquet. “

Add originality to your gift by deciding to order a winter bouquet in a fluffy wrapper.

From STUDIO Flores, with love and tenderness

    1. The online store creates wonderful solutions that allow you to unusually congratulate people who are important to you in any season. For spring we use tenderness, for summer ─ a variety of shades, for autumn ─ rich maturity, for winter ─ a bright and silvery palette against a neutral background.
    2. Ordering flowers online makes interaction as easy as possible, because the idea of ​​buying a bouquet can come to mind even at night.
    3. Flower delivery in Kiev is useful for busy people and those who have recently lived in the capital.
    4. Each composition carries a floristic idea. We know how to harmoniously unite different representatives of the plant world, and what to do to make the mono-bouquet look presentable.
    5. The flower shop offers compositions in baskets, hat boxes, branded paper, foil, and wreaths with pine needles and tabletop installations are added to the winter assortment.

Flowers in winter? Of course!

Does anyone cancel winter holidays: birthdays, anniversaries, childbirth, family anniversaries? Women need more care and attention during cold weather. And if a man is in another city and is so busy that he cannot meet? Then you need to order a bouquet to bring in a piece of love, spousal attention, parental warmth.

We help to maintain excellent relations in marriage, to value parents, to become a participant in someone’s joy and victory! Remind about yourself, support the person, make a surprise. It is enough to buy an impressive winter bouquet and solve the issue with delivery.

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