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Bouquet “19 roses Tiara”

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Rose Tiara has already conquered more than one heart of florists due to its non-standard bright purple color, large bud and excellent life qualities in a cut form.
Present a bouquet of 19 Tiara roses and you will also become his fan!

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Bouquet-chameleon, capable of changing its color one-time – this is a bouquet with roses “Tiara”. The outer part of the petals is presented in a beige tone, and inside they acquire a pinkish-lilac hue with a touch of violet.

“The Tiara rose was first bred in Holland. The exact meaning of the variety name has not been determined. Perhaps the bud got its name because the flower does not form a regular circle when in bloom. Likewise, a piece of jewelry called a tiara worn over the head resembles a crescent moon. “

A composition of 19 buds will make the gift very meaningful. When the event is not too festive, fewer flowers can be taken. Florists take into account all the wishes of customers, starting from the number of components, their shade and ending with the packaging option.

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They cooperate with us on an ongoing basis because we are able to anticipate the wishes of buyers and have already prepared answers to all exciting questions.

    1. Those who consider themselves to be aesthetes choose for a long time and meticulously what to give. Our flower shop receives only fresh ingredients of domestic and imported growth. You just have to order a bouquet online – we will do the rest on our own.
    2. Many are concerned about the issue of receiving flowers. People work, are busy with planned things in advance, devote time to children, so getting a ready-made bouquet can be a problem. Flower delivery in Kiev will eliminate your doubts about whether to order flowers or buy something simpler near your home.
    3. Would you like the herbal composition to be the best for the holiday? Florists of STUDIO Flores will create an author’s bouquet that will surprise you with the harmony of ingredients, a new idea and the most suitable packaging.
    4. To order a bouquet with delivery, you can be anywhere in Ukraine or abroad. The recipient must be a person from Kiev or the nearest suburb (within a radius of up to 25 km around the capital). Our courier can gallantly hand over the composition, and you will see in the photo how it happened.
    5. Are you planning to make a surprise at the solemn moment of your engagement or first confession of strong feelings?
    Then it is better to buy a bouquet with delivery to the place of stay of your couple. This can be a residential building, restaurant or other object where you will be at a specific time.

Contact the online store at any time of the day. The courier will deliver flowers on weekdays from 8:30 to 20:00, on weekends from 10:30 to 19:00.

In the STUDIO Flores online store, you can always buy online fresh flowers of various varieties, various shades and shapes. In our flower shop you will find fresh and high-quality imported and local flowers at affordable prices. Also in our online store you can buy beautiful Dutch roses of non-standard colors.


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