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Gladioli are delicate, sophisticated flowers, their buds are very fragile, but they have excellent durability. Gladioli are often used in interior compositions and wedding decoration.
It would be appropriate to present a beautiful bouquet with gladioli for a colleague’s birthday, a leader or a teacher on September 1.
You can see more options for bouquets with gladioli here.

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In Soviet times, gladiolus was considered a male flower, giving mostly dark red flowers. However, this misconception was eventually destroyed. White, pink, orange, yellow, lilac buds gracefully arranged on the stems create beautiful, vertical compositions.

“A royal flower has a stately, proud appearance. It does not boast of its magnificent brilliance, it beckons with its openness “(G. Skripkin)

In the past centuries, powder from tubers was used in baking bread. The warriors carried dried flowers in their pockets, believing that they were able to protect them from the enemy’s sword, to save wounds from fever and swelling. Quite strong stems are convenient for the formation of prefabricated bouquets.

Gladioli: buy a bouquet with delivery

Ordering flowers is the first step towards a sudden or expected congratulation. In STUDIO Flores, bouquets are sorted by price categories, festive occasions, and collections. The online store is used so that people can order a bouquet with gladioli or choose any other position they like.

Flower delivery in Kiev is a convenient format for interaction between a flower shop and a client. You indicate in the online application what you are interested in (a specific composition or a composite bouquet consisting of the desired number of the same type of flowers), put the date, time and indicate the recipient. After a call from our specialist, the application is considered confirmed, flowers are delivered at the specified time.

Ability to make bouquets

In gladioli, color is an important aspect. Red, white, yellow-orange make up the range of warm shades, and the blue palette and violet are referred to as cold tones. When a multi-colored bouquet is made up, the following rule is used: light flowers are placed in the central part, and the borders of the composition are accentuated at the edges with dark analogues.

    1. Wishing to emphasize friendly participation in your life, instill hope for favorable changes, we advise you to buy purple flowers.
    2. If the feelings are sincere, it will show a white tone.
    3. Red gladioli emphasize the depth of feelings, and when you want to demonstrate respect or admiration for a particular person, dilute the deep tone with lighter inclusions.
    4. Pink is allowed to give to girlfriends – they are intended for young women.
    5. If you order a bouquet of blue gladioli, the composition will emphasize the carelessness and freedom of action of the person being gifted.

As soon as the thought of flowers hits you, think of STUDIO Flores.


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