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An exquisite bouquet for a real lady. A cap of pink hydrangea, a branch of rice flowers, a twig of white astrancy, 2 branches of delphinium, a branch of eucalyptus and 3 branches of shrubby rose of the Madam Bombastik variety.


The image of a woman is always associated with delicate, elegant and luxurious flowers. It is impossible to go on a date or visit a lady without a gift in the form of a bouquet of roses or tulips. And if the amazing flowers are collected in an elegant and chic bouquet, then you will emphasize your respect and express your feelings.

An exquisite and gentle bouquet “Lady”

The installation of the floral composition justifies its name, as if the elegant lady appeared before us in all her glory:

  • a lush pink hydrangea as a flirty hat crowns the floral ensemble;
  • rice flowers strew a composition with pearlescent pearls;
  • white astrantia looks like the celestial star;
  • 2 twigs of quivering delphinium bring a melodious chime of bells;
  • eucalyptus fills the space with a magical fragrance;
  • 3 branches of cream-colored shrub roses Madame Bombastic give charm and splendor.

It is appropriate to give this chic floral composition on:

  • wedding celebration;
  • theatrical premiere;
  • anniversary;
  • or just for a sweetheart.

Where is it possible to buy a beautiful bouquet profitably?

In our online store STUDIO Flores you can order live flowers in the most original combination and exclusive design. We arrange delivery in Kiev at an affordable price, with the guarantee of timeliness and freshness of the floral masterpiece.

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