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Blossoming garden – Flower shop STUDIO Flores
  • Blossoming garden – Flower shop STUDIO Flores
  • Blossoming garden – image 2 – Flower shop STUDIO Flores

A chic flower composition for a special occasion. Pre-order is required! 5 pink fragrant peonies of Sarah Bernhard variety, 5 white roses, 2 sprigs of white helleborus, 2 sprigs of red helleborus, 6 carnations of Hypnosis variety, 4 sprigs of shrubby rose, 2 sprigs of astrantia, a sprig of rubus berries, a twig of octamus and a branch of the pittosporum

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A luxurious flower composition in gently pink shades is the cause of happiness in the eyes of the person to whom this gift will be made. Splendor bordering with laconism will melt the heart of even the most fastidious persons.

Bouquet «Blossoming garden»

The composition “Blooming Garden” includes a whole set of exquisite flowers: 5 white roses and pink peonies of the “Sarah Bernar” variety, and 6 carnations of the “Hypnosis” variety. Composition is complemented by 2 sprigs of red and white helleboruses and astrantias, 4 branches of shrubby rose and one branch of pittosporum, one branch of ozotamnus and berries of the rubus.

To order a such magnificence as a beautiful gift for a special occasion will be appropriate. The anniversary, the offer of the hand and heart, the Valentine’s Day will be wonderful cause for a such fragrant and gentle surprise.

Bouquets by STUDIO Flores

To buy a VIP-bouquet “Blossoming Garden”, you need to use the pre-order service. The online store STUDIO Flores will please you with such advantages:

  • prices that stand out for their democracy;
  • the fastest delivery in Kiev;
  • help of the florist when creating compositions.

A creating a festive mood is so simple, when there are spectacular offers from the STUDIO Flores store!


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