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Bouquet “Snow-covered peonies”

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What could be more romantic than giving an armful of peonies in winter! By doing this, you will definitely become her hero, because finding peonies on New Year’s Eve is almost a miracle and magic!

7 luxurious peonies, 3 sprigs of Heidelber and a sprig of natural needles.

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Summer notes in a winter bouquet will make an indelible impression on the recipient of flowers. The flowers that grow, filled with the sun and watered by the warm rain, are peonies. They learned to grow them in winter, creating suitable growing conditions for the buds.

“Peonies are long-lived. The shrub that is looked after in the garden can grow up to 100 years. Flowers are found in any color shade except blue. They are given as a symbol of good luck, family happiness and longevity “

Imagine that you are bringing the composition into a room that instantly fills with a wonderful scent. White Heidelber branches remind of the snowy season, and a sprig of natural spruce – of the moments of the New Year. The floral triad is wrapped in signature paper in a pink lavender shade, completing the charm of the Snowy Peonies bouquet.

Order an elite bouquet for my beloved mother

Looking into the catalog of an online store, you will find a composition for the most demanding taste. Author’s bouquets are offered to be ordered online, and you can even use a mobile phone. The created application is promptly submitted for consideration, so expect a call back.

Ordering flowers with delivery is available to any person who is both on the territory of Ukraine and abroad. The presentation is made to residents of Kiev and the surrounding suburb.

How to store peonies at home

It’s not enough to buy a bouquet – you need to keep it longer. STUDIO Flores will give some useful advice in this matter.

# Tip Explanation
1 Vase selection When purchasing a bouquet from a flower shop, choose a vase with dark glass for it. This will eliminate water bloom. Choose a heavy container for the stability of the composition
2 Water It is taken standing, cold
3 Stalk Treatment Make an oblique cut and remove 1 cm from the bottom of the stems. Remove the leaves in the water.
4 Moisture drink It’s no secret that flowers are drunk not only through the stem, but also through the leaves. If you see that the leaves have wilted or dropped a little, spray them from a spray bottle (without getting on the buds), wrap them with transparent film and put the flowers in water. After a few hours, you can remove the film and see how much stronger the leaves are.
5 Where to put Plant compositions do not like drafts and direct sunlight. Even in winter, it can shine brightly through the glass. Therefore, always leave bouquets in the middle of the room or in the coolest place, without drafts.
6 Extending the life of the bouquet We always add a professional agent to our bouquets, which, when dissolved in water, resists the formation of bacteria that are harmful to natural flowers. As professional florists, we strongly advise against using folk remedies.

Flower delivery in Kiev works daily. You can buy gifts for the bouquet from the “Gifts” section.

In the STUDIO Flores online store, you can always buy online fresh flowers of various varieties, various shades and shapes. In our flower shop you will find fresh and high-quality imported and local flowers at affordable prices. Also in our online store you can buy bouquets with peonies almost all year round.


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