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Bouquet “Towards the summer”

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A delicate small basket of flowers will be a very pleasant and sweet surprise for a loved one.

A sprig of iris, gypsophila and eustoma in an author’s basket from the flower shop STUDIO Flores will brighten your day!

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Even if you are a fan of skiing and sledding, you still look forward to summer. After all, this is a reason to buy a lot of new outfits, show off slender legs, go to the sea and get a lot of pleasure from warm weather and compliments. And also ─ order a bouquet of wonderful herbal ingredients.

“You need to give flowers and make surprises to a girl regularly, without waiting for a reason. Let this become gratitude for the fact that SHE is there, is there and is ready to support him in life “

A small, romantic basket will remind you of a wonderful time if the weather is bad outside the window. It comfortably accommodates eustoma, gypsophila and irises, framed by a light lilac ribbon.

Our flower delivery in Kiev always helps out busy people.

Are small compositions in demand

The “Towards Summer” bouquet is an easy prelude to continuing the relationship. It will come in handy as a floral compliment, friendly support, congratulatory accent.

    1. Such a gift does not oblige to reciprocal service, does not put the recipient in a difficult position.
    2. Ordering flowers in the form of a small bouquet is not considered a sign of stinginess if it is stylistically designed correctly. For comparison: no one would think that a girl is “underdressed” if she wears a short mini.
    3. A large composition needs to think about where and in what to put it. You will need a huge vase for a bouquet or a space on the table on the mantelpiece (when the installation is presented). If you buy a small plant kit, it will be much easier to place it.
    4. Also, small compositions will be a good solution, if necessary, congratulate the teacher on a professional holiday, the last bell or September 1.

At your service ─ buy flowers in STUDIO Flores online

To buy flowers, contact the online store directly. We accept applications around the clock, so it’s easy to do it online.

  • Decide for what reason you need to buy a bouquet.
  • Think about what color preferences your girlfriend has (this can be determined by clothes, color of accessories, ask during conversation).
  • Decide whether the gift will be festive or spontaneous.
  • Decide on the date and delivery.
  • Send a request from the website of the color store, choosing the desired bouquet.

In the online store STUDIO Flores you can always buy online fresh flowers of various varieties, various shades and shapes. In our flower shop you will find fresh and high-quality imported and local flowers at affordable prices. Also in our online store you can buy inexpensive small baskets of flowers, which will be a great compliment for a teacher on the last call, a colleague or girlfriend for a great start to the day.


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