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Gift set 'New Year's Bunny' – Flower shop STUDIO Flores

Pretty fast select Viburnum. Market site flores-shop.com.ua does quality bouquets hydrangea for a name day or other holiday. Collection Christmas wreaths and bouquets exceed expectations demanding customers. Fairly affordable prices for Girl's dreams, Bouquet "7 yellow roses", Bride's bouquet 11 give the opportunity to receive easy and inexpensive. Delivery in a few hours Lesnoj massiv and to other districts of Kiev. The golden hands of the masters STUDIO Flores at a budget price will make any composition. Gift set "New Year's Bunny" — the best compositions at affordable prices.

Gift set “New Year’s Bunny”

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An interior composition made of natural spruce will become a bright accent in decorating a room for the New Year holidays.
The box of powdery color, tied with a suede cord with bells, echoes with soft pink pearl glass balls powdered with snow and a snow-white soft toy in the form of a bunny.

If you are visiting and do not know what to give, we recommend using our gift set. Thanks to the use of real Dutch spruce in the works of STUDIO Flores, which does not lose color and does not crumble, your gift will delight throughout the New Year and Christmas holidays.

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There is one word in youth slang that very accurately characterizes the style of the “New Year’s Bunny” gift set. This word is “milόta”.

A real girly present, which consists of a powdery hat box, pearl balls, snow dust and a wonderful bunny that sleeps on a Dutch spruce branch. The installation is crowned with a string with bells, reminiscent of the analogs that ring on Santa’s reindeer.

Who to give the song to

1. Your beloved. The girl will happily appreciate the fluffy adorable, she will like the shine of the balls, as if covered with frost.
2. Spouse. Show that she is not just a family member who is entrusted with all household chores, but a cute darling worthy of gratitude and praise.
3. Mom. It is always pleasant to congratulate a grown-up child (son or daughter), depicted as a small, defenseless animal. Remind about yourself, especially if you rarely see each other.

A New Year’s bouquet with live spruce will become the focus of attention. He combined the plant aspect, a festive angle and an element from childhood. Our creation will decorate your private room, living room, spacious kitchen.

Ordering flowers is appropriate at any time of the year. We think that there will still be enough reasons for presenting bouquets of live ingredients, dried flowers. In winter, I would like to emphasize the peculiarity of the season, so a gift arrangement with natural spruce for the New Year (Christmas) looks more impressive.

Benefits of buying an interior composition

If you are categorically against artificial spruces, and do not plan to purchase a natural beauty, order an author’s coniferous bouquet. Let’s list why he will play an important role in congratulations.

# Feature
1. Piece of the forest. Forms a unity with wildlife.
2. Coniferous aroma. Beneficial essential substances released into the air.
3. Greens are a beneficial shade to relax the eyes.
4. Products supplied to the flower shop are always fresh cut.
5. You don’t have to put a big tree, because the coniferous representative will be in the New Year’s bouquet with a live spruce.
6. The composition is able to delight until the end of winter.

The online store provides free delivery of this item in the capital and suburbs. Fill out the online application in order to have time to buy the New Year’s Bunny set and book its receipt according to the selected date.

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