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Much more comfortable now find Callas. Store website flores shop has among other things spectacular bouquets of flowers for Valentine's Day or other holiday. Subgroup Flowers will be able to please the desires demanding customers. Affordable prices for Pink gold satin, Bouquet 21 freesia, Flowers in a box "Sunlight" will allow you to buy convenient and cost-effective. Lightning dispatch Kiev and to other districts of Kiev. Skillful craftsmen flores-shop.com.ua at affordable prices will make any set of your choice. Peony pink — the best choice for a gift at an attractive price.

Peony pink

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The Dutch peony is a favorite of bridal bouquets and bouquets in May.
What is the advantage of Dutch peonies:
1. flowering period from April to October;
2. not so quickly revealed in comparison with the local counterpart;
3. lasts longer when cut.

You can find more peony bouquets here.

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For those who prefer mono bouquets of one type of flowers to a large mixed bouquet, we recommend the Dutch pink peony. This species is grown all year round and can always be ordered from STUDIO Flores.

Features of the foreign analogue
1. Petals form an even, round bud shape. They do not have fringe along the edges, characteristic of domestic subspecies.
2. The varieties used in our online store can stand for 1-2 weeks. This is a wonderful opportunity to mentally recall a recent event in your life more than once.
3. If you order flowers from Ukrainian breeders, then in a couple of days the leaves will fall off, leaving a bare stem. Unfortunately, this is a feature of local peonies.

A bouquet of peonies from Holland will stand for the allotted time. If a girl is sentimental, she will want to keep a dried flower as a keepsake.

If you plan to buy a bouquet from a florist or a mono bouquet of peonies in our flower shop, you will receive a presentable package and delivery in Kyiv.

Why girls love peonies so much

These flowers are amazing in their beauty, magical in the number of petals and unique in aroma. With double and even petals, bright, delicate and mysterious shades, they are cultivated all over the world, giving new varieties. Tree-like, herbaceous and hybrid species conquer at first sight. Even one flower in a bouquet from a florist will look great, delighting a new hostess.

4500 herbaceous varieties of peonies, 500 tree varieties, several hundred hybrids confirm that peonies are very popular with customers and valued for their excellent qualities.

  • Are you going to a girl’s birthday party? Give her a small bouquet of peonies and a gift.
  • Celebrating an anniversary? A luxurious bouquet of 51 peonies will be a prelude to the beginning of the holiday.
  • Absent in Kyiv, miss your soul mate and want to remind you of your feelings? It is very easy to order a bouquet online with delivery by contacting STUDIO Flores. Buy flowers and attach a soft toy, a card, a confectionery delicacy.
  • Contact our online store! Let’s add originality to a date, positive on Sunday morning and joyful expectation at the moment of making a fateful decision!

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