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Blossoming cage – Flower shop STUDIO Flores

If you need an extraordinary, memorable gift, our magic cage is just what you need! A sprig of hydrangea, 2 delicate clematis, 3 sprigs of eustoma, a sprig of shrubby carnation, a branch of helleborus, a twig of pistachio and 2 branches of delphinium. It is possible to order the cage of any size and cost depending on your budget.

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If you need a memorable exclusive, a gift that not only will please, but also will surprise, our florists have created for you just such a unique masterpiece.

VIP-bouquet “Blossoming cage”

A large and chic bouquet consists of a combination of amazingly beautiful plants, organically combined according to the shades, configurations and sizes of the inflorescences:

  • a lush pink hydrangea;
  • a gentle and quivering delphinium;
  • 2 elegant clematises;
  • a patterned shrubby carnation;
  • twigs of eustoma, helleborus and pistachio.

The exclusivity of the floral composition is attached by an elegant openwork cage, through which bars bright flowers look out gracefully, and the top is crowned by two white pigeons.

Such an extraordinary gift can be presented even to the queen. It can become a hall decoration for VIP-guests, wedding ceremony and any refined interior.

Where is it possible to buy a beautiful bouquet?

In our online store STUDIO Flores you can order live flowers in the original packaging (basket, hat box, cage). You can also consult with florists and pick up a combination of plants according to the format of the event and the person responsible for the celebration.

The price of a flower composition depends on its compound, type and size of the cage, which you also choose according to your taste. You can order delivery or take a present by yourself. We will deliver your elegant gift within Kiev at the specified time to any address.


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