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Bouquet of flowers 'Petals' – Flower shop STUDIO Flores
  • Bouquet of flowers 'Petals' – Flower shop STUDIO Flores
  • Bouquet of flowers 'Petals' – image 2 – Flower shop STUDIO Flores
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Now you can quickly and conveniently find Wildflowers. Score STUDIO Flores will help to choose luxurious handmade cards for any occasion and holiday. Series Hydrangea bouqets will satisfy new clients. Fairly favorable prices for Bouquet of 19 freesias, Bouquet "Sweet October", Red helicopter will give the opportunity to take easy and casual. Fast shipping Darnitsa and to other districts of Kiev. Experienced online shop assistants https://flores-shop.com.ua/ at reasonable prices will embody any of your wishes. Bouquet of flowers "Petals" — compositions of your mood at affordable prices.

Bouquet of flowers “Petals”

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A bouquet of flowers “Petals” is a symphony for a hot summer, when chamomile, hydrangea, freesia and eustoma are collected in one bouquet.

2 sprigs of hydrangea, 5 sprigs of tanacetum, 4 freesia, 4 eustoma, 4 papaver, cheleborus, herbs.

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When you want a plant variety that resembles a flower meadow, choose a bouquet of flowers “Petals”. Take this opportunity to order a bouquet with wildflowers, creating a new picture of the perception of the floristic gifts of the Earth.

“Chamomile is a flower that fights for love to the last petal. (B. Krutier) “

As part of a bouquet of hydrangeas, eustoma, freesia, tanacetum, papaver and cheleborus. There are no bright colors here, but white, yellow and delicate greenish shades are used.

The modest grandeur of field bouquets

Do not neglect the opportunity to present what nature itself has prepared for people! Some people believe that small flowers do not have statism and look very simple. We want to dispel this myth and reveal the hidden secrets of the little gifts of nature.

Bouquet “Petals” combines natural and artistic floristry, because we have created a composition of 6 items and ornamental herbs.

Free flower delivery

Flower shop STUDIO Flores organizes the transportation of products throughout the city. Flower delivery in Kiev will be paid for by our company: this concerns a bouquet with hydrangea and other compositions, the cost of which exceeds 1200 UAH ..

Orders with delivery are also made online. On the eve of the holidays, please select bouquets in advance so that couriers can serve all customers. You can also buy small souvenirs in the online store.

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This often complements flowers
1. Properties
1. The small flower contains considerable vitality. Imagine how many challenges it has to overcome to grow and flourish!
2. These bouquets stay fresh longer and, when dried, continue to delight with natural charm.
3. We add your favorite flowers to the compositions, forming a bouquet with eustoma, a set of carnations, peonies, a bouquet with freesia.
4. By ordering a bouquet with wildflowers (daisies, bells, daisies, buttercups), a quivering, romantic mood is formed, expresses tender gratitude. Such compositions are out of age, so they are presented to their beloved mother, naughty daughter, little goddaughter, aunt, grandmother. You can buy a bouquet for a girl who loves everything modest and natural.
5. Purchase of wedding accessories without big names. It happens that in the groom’s boutonniere there is not a cut rose, but lilies of the valley or cornflowers. To order a bouquet with wildflowers is to make an informed choice!