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Very easy to order Ranunculus. Online boutique flores shop will help to choose fashionable bouquets of alstroemeria and roses for any holiday and anniversary. Category Tulips bouqets can satisfy desires demanding buyers. Prices without markups for Bouquet "13 peonies with eucalyptus", Bouquet of flowers "Red and white", Peony pink will give the opportunity to take easy and casual. Delivery around the clock Borschagovka and to other districts of Kiev. Professional craftsmen flores-shop.com.ua at attractive prices will make any composition for you. Bouquet 51 pink tulip — compositions for a good mood at budget prices.

Bouquet 51 pink tulip

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A mono-bouquet of tulips is a wonderful gift for a woman of any age, from a girl to a grandmother, for any reason: Mother’s Day, March 8, Birthday or Anniversary, and how touching this bouquet will look on 1 date!

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In the XIII century, when Europe knew nothing about tulips, in the East they were chosen by the rulers as a sign of heraldry. And later, when they got to Holland, they were equated at the price of the value of the house. Only very wealthy people could afford to buy tulips.

“Early varieties bloom in the first half of April. They diligently absorb the warm rays of the sun, which are not yet capable of scorching delicate petals. Medium varieties bloom by May, with larger buds. Late species open their heads by the end of May-June “

It would seem that a rather modest-looking flower, how could it win hearts? Many shades, type of petals, different stem height and flowering period.

Traditionally, in the last century, they gave a bouquet on March 8th. Today, customers enjoy their favorite flowers all year round. Flower delivery in Kiev, which is carried out at the expense of our company, completely solves the issue of transporting a lush plant composition.

Ordering flowers in large quantities

If you have given a plant composition with many components at least once in your life, then you know what a pleasant grateful effect this creates. Bouquet “51 pink tulips” is formed of closed buds, which will gradually open, surprising every day.

    1. Many colors are wonderful, because they show the breadth of the donor’s soul. You don’t mind spending a good amount at a flower shop on a dear person.
    2. A large bouquet really makes you feel precious for real. Only a loving partner will not give another saucepan, but will make a gift for the soul.
    3. If you order a bouquet with delivery to work, then your “half” will feel pride in their beau. And how else to react to the questions of colleagues: “oh, what is this”, “well, you’re lucky, friend,” “great, no one has ever given me so many flowers”?

In our online store, there are many worthy offers that can conquer without words. Just imagine how cute 51 tulips, 101 roses, 25 peonies will look in a vase! Flowers ordering is limited only by your wishes and possibilities.

Flowers delivery to the addressee

STUDIO Flores has its own courier service, which helps to serve customers as quickly and comfortably as possible. We work 24/7, so you can order a bouquet with delivery on weekends.

Make a gift to your beloved in your absence, please her on Saturday-Sunday, present flowers in accordance with the holiday date. Everything on our website is so easy to understand that even those who use the Internet resource for the first time will be able to buy a bouquet online.

Bouquet of tulips with delivery: you order, we execute!

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