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Bouquet “Iceland”

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Delicate, marshmallow bouquet similar to ice cream balls. Garden rose ohara and snow-white freesia add a delicate scent to the bouquet, while bruni balls and shimmering asparagus remind us of winter. The bouquet will be a great gift for a Wedding, Anniversary or Birthday to a loved one.

5 White Ohara roses, 2 asparagus sprigs, 3 delicate cream carnations, eularia sprig, brunia sprig and 4 fragrant freesia sprigs.

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If your beloved, friend, spouse is a gentle and sensual person, pay attention to the Iceland bouquet. A flower cradle in a snow-white wisteria package is represented by White O’Hara roses, freesia and carnations, which bloom so well in places filled with sun. However, there is also a winter hint in the bouquet: the asparagus seems to be covered with frost, and the brunia balls resemble fruits that have been frozen.

“Spring is not just the absence of tinkling icicles and a breath of freezing wind that burns your cheeks. During this period, happiness awakens and the desire to make dreams come true … “

Surround your lady with the fragrant scent of flowers! The easiest way is to buy a bouquet with delivery so that you don’t have to adjust your schedule.

Order flowers or save money

At the end of winter, a series of holidays begins, which women look forward to. For men, this is a great chance to mend relationships if there were disagreements and misunderstandings before. For loving spouses and couples who look closely at each other, February 14 (Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day), March 8 becomes a kind of test for the truth of feelings. Only a woman surrounded by love and respect will be ready for reciprocal intentions.

Relationships require investments: financial, temporary, mental. Inertia in action leads to frustration, loss of trust and rupture.

Order flowers through the online store

The metropolitan flower shop STUDIO Flores is chosen by clients for many reasons.
1. You can buy a bouquet from different parts of the country. To do this, you need to have a number of a mobile operator of Ukraine, a bank card (for Kiev residents, cash payment is possible) and Internet access.
2. Access to the site is not limited by time frames. An online application will indicate your desire to order a bouquet, after which the manager will call back using the specified contacts.
3. Terms of composing compositions depend on their complexity. Simple mono bouquets are made in 30-60 minutes. Some compositions take time, so you need to take care of the congratulatory accessory in a week or two.
4. Flower delivery in Kiev is used for the prompt transportation of herbal compositions or secret delivery (this is done by our courier).

On February 14, a bouquet is given to the beloved. Do not forget that on March 8th you need to congratulate mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, nieces, daughters, granddaughters. For legal entities, we make bouquets by rank: for female employees, female executives, business owners.

In the STUDIO Flores online store you can always buy online fresh flowers of various varieties, various shades and shapes. In our flower shop you will find fresh and high-quality flowers of imported and local production at affordable prices. You can also buy beautiful bouquets for Valentine’s Day in our online store.


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