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Flowers in a box 'Sunlight' – Flower shop STUDIO Flores
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Now it's easier look around Roses Grace. Internet shop STUDIO Flores will make beautiful bouquets of white tulips for an anniversary or other holiday. Heading Roses bouqets exceed expectations the most demanding customers. Fairly favorable prices for Lyubimov Candy, flowers in a box "Pink cheeks", Wreath "The Night Before Christmas" will give the opportunity to buy without unnecessary costs. Address delivery Pechersk and to other districts of Kiev. Talented masters STUDIO Flores at affordable prices will embody any of your ideas. Flowers in a box "Sunlight" — best gift at affordable prices.

Flowers in a box “Sunlight”

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Delicate, beautiful bouquet of flowers in a hat box. The prion-shaped rose of David Austin, surrounded by the bush peony rose, peony babels, creates a special sunny mood.

Eustoma sprig, David Austin peony rose, heliborus sprig, Pioni Babelz bush rose sprig, astilba sprig, 2 achilea sprigs, 2 pistachio sprigs, 2 freesias.

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The composition pleasantly surprises with the number of buds. Flowers in a box “Sunshine” combine the roses of Peony Babels and David Austin, freesia and eustoma. The plant background is formed by achileia, astilba, heliborus and pistachio branches.

“In compositions with a large number of constituents, special attention is paid to color matching. Future florists are always learning this art. ”

The snow-white hat box is a worthy stylistic design for a large bouquet. The flowers in the box are hydrated from the inside, so they stay fresh for up to 1 week. It is important to choose a place for them that excludes direct sunlight. Do not put the box on the windowsill, and avoid being close to fruit.

Why ordering flowers, consisting of many components, is beneficial

# Benefit
1. If you do not know exactly what kind of flowers the recipient likes, there will definitely be favorite representatives of the plant flora in the bouquet
2. Depending on the florist’s imagination, the compositions are linear, cascading, asymmetrical
3. You can buy both an expensive offer and a bouquet with an average cost
4. Such a composition is suitable for any occasion: flowers for name days, birth and christening of a child, wedding, wedding, anniversary, graduation from school, university, congratulations on career advancement. Buy a bouquet for a colleague, neighbor, give it to your mom, godmother, aunt, sister.

The bouquet in the box “Sunshine” is placed on a flat surface, so there are several places for placement in the apartment: a window sill, a table, a mantelpiece, the upper part of a curbstone, a chest of drawers.

Flower shop with flower delivery

The online store will guide you through all the pages of the electronic catalog, helping to order a bouquet of the desired format. An online application sent via the internal mail channel will notify you of your decision.

Flower delivery in Kiev is carried out by trained couriers. They know the capital well and, during the period of increased traffic loads, use bypass routes in order to arrive at the specified address on time.

Let the sunbeam touch the heart of the person who is very dear to you! Try to order a bouquet at STUDIO Flores – and the degree of your relationship will immediately change for the better! Flower delivery will turn the delivery of a bouquet into a pleasant and memorable surprise.

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