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Rose Juliet Cherise – Flower shop STUDIO Flores
  • Rose Juliet Cherise – Flower shop STUDIO Flores
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Rose Juliet Cherise

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Raspberry peony bush rose Juliet Cherise will decorate your bouquet. A bush peony rose looks great both in a mono bouquet and as part of an author’s bouquet or composition.
We recommend that you draw your attention to the following bouquets and compositions with this rose.
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Composition in a box in heart shape “Oh my love”
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Birthday Bouquet “Temptation”

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Peony roses are unique in appearance, color and aroma. Their appearance resembles an old dress with a full skirt: the middle part of the bud has a patterned pattern along the edges, and the outer petals are wider, adding curly effect to the flowers.

“Juliet Cerise” is a hybrid of the tea rose, symbolizing the passion of love, sensuality, and the peony, which is the prototype of family understanding and financial abundance “

Peony roses have a special color. Red includes wine and crimson, pink is often combined in a bud with yellowish or snowy, white stands out brightly against the background of beige and ivory. There are lilac, amber, powdery varieties, but raspberry Cherise looks brightest of all.

Buy a bouquet of peony roses

Look at the photo, how impressive the mono-bouquet looks. For those who wish to add other notes, we can offer to arrange flowers:

  • with silver brunia, adding an element of sorcery;
  • with carnations ─ loyal guardians of lush buds;
  • with tulips ─ a rare combination, it looks very original;
  • with gypsophila ─ a fragrant cloud will fit into the composition with dignity.

Rose Juliet Cerise is delivered to the flower shop STUDIO Flores in an unblown state. Therefore, you can order a bouquet and present it fresh.

Can I give one flower? It depends on the perception of the female person. For those who like the composition to be large, it is advisable to order a bouquet. If a lady adheres to Western views, where one flower is regarded as a compliment to her beauty, then it is permissible to buy one beautiful bud with a long stem.

Flowers delivery Kiev

A bouquet with a spray rose is more difficult to transport by hand than a single flower. Those who want to choose to order flowers with delivery within the city. This is convenient when you intend to surprise your beloved, mom, or you cannot come to our office during the day.

Buy roses online we recommend for congratulations with:

  • anniversary;
  • engagement;
  • a wedding (provided that these are the bride’s favorite flowers);
  • women’s holiday;
  • Valentine’s Day;
  • family holiday;
  • name days;
  • professional date;
  • personal achievements.

It is proposed to buy a bouquet when going on a date, or to hand it over for no reason, which is even more romantic. And flower delivery in Kiev will help to keep the secrecy of delivery.

Employees of the online store will beautifully arrange a bouquet of roses, delivery of which will take place according to the time specified in the application.

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