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Bouquet “Autumn compliment”

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An autumn compliment bouquet, with a beautiful large chrysanthemum, roses of a beautiful wine shade and sunny tulips, will give you a charge of excellent mood and conquer you with its style.

A sprig of burgundy astilba, a cappuccino rose, chrysanthemum, a sprig of panicum, a sprig of a spray rose, 3 tulips and a sprig of leucodendron.

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When the summer ends, there is regret about the warm days that have flashed by, vacations, sea romance. However, autumn remains so rich in floral offerings …

“The chrysanthemum is one of the elements of the Chinese Quartet that symbolizes this great country. Each flower represents a specific climatic period. Plum blossom is winter, orchid is spring, bamboo is summer, and chrysanthemum is autumn. “

The juicy tones of the compliment bouquet consist of powdery crimson chrysanthemum, cream and wine roses, yellow tulips, burgundy flame of astilba, rich tone of leucodendron and thin branches of panicum. The composition is wrapped in several layers of branded paper and held together with a satin white ribbon. Stylish bouquet “Autumn Compliment” has collected the colors of autumn and is ready to serve as an excellent present.

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Chrysanthemum is suitable for most life occasions. The bouquet is given as a compliment for a holiday, anniversary. It cannot be attributed to wedding options, however, when you want to congratulate the newlyweds in this way, what will prevent you from doing it? You can make an online purchase with delivery by presenting flowers to a friend from Kiev, mother, or another relative. To order a bouquet, add it to the shopping cart of the online store or purchase in one click.

The gift of an autumn bouquet in winter, when nature freezes in a snowy silence, will be especially valuable. Flowers from STUDIO Flores will reproduce the victory of life and warmth over the dank cold.

You can order a bouquet in a flower shop at night, early in the morning, when your beloved is sleeping, and you decided to please her with flowers. She will definitely be delighted with such an intention! Even one flower placed on a pillow can surprise to the core.

Surprise in your presence

To buy a bouquet on the street and give it right away is one thing, but to please your beloved with an unexpected compliment is quite another. Flower delivery in Kiev will help you keep your intentions a secret. But what is unexpected will become doubly pleasant! Let the flame of your relationship not extinguish the fire of everyday life and vanity of life!

In the STUDIO Flores online store, you can always buy online fresh flowers of various varieties, various shades and shapes. In our flower shop you will find fresh and high-quality imported and local flowers at affordable prices. Also in our online store you can buy stylish autumn complimentary bouquets with chrysanthemum, rose and tulips inexpensively.


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