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Bouquet of 25 purple tulips – Flower shop STUDIO Flores

Bouquet of 25 purple tulips

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When the heart stops with delight!
Pure blue and purple, it is the rarest color in nature, but one of the most desirable in bouquets. Therefore, Dutch scientists have found a way to please you more often with a beautiful purple color.

The bouquet contains 25 purple tulips and 3 sprigs of oxypetalum.

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We are used to seeing red, yellow, white tulips. What do you think about purple? This is an amazing shade that emerged in Holland.

“Colorful tulips can illuminate the darkest days and light sad eyes with sincere happiness” (Unknown author)

25 purple tulips are a whole plant world that you want to look at with rapture. To slightly alter the monochrome, oxypetalum branches are added to the composition.

How unusual hue is interpreted

The semantic meaning is very different.


# What does
1. Heart affection. Order a bouquet to show your wife an everlasting feeling.
2. Sincere intentions. Warmth and kindness towards family and friends, demonstrated with the help of STUDIO Flores products.
3. Recognition of extraordinary abilities. Unusual qualities are perfectly emphasized by the same amazing colors.
4. The desire to devote his life to a person who is not indifferent to the heart. Your object of passion will surely appreciate the broad gesture expressed in the intention to buy a bouquet with flowers of a rare shade.
5. Only properly educated children will be able to become a support and protection for their parents. Give a flower gift to Mom and Dad to show that you are willing to support them into old age.

What the buyer can count on from us

  • Turning to the online store, you receive the selected composition from fresh herbal ingredients. We collect sets with exotic flowers taking into account the accepted orders.
  • Our employees carry out flower delivery in Kiev and the nearest suburbs. Consider this point if the person being gifted lives further than 30 km from the capital.
  • We offer to order a bouquet in a 24/7 format, online applications are considered the next day. Flower shop and courier delivery are available 7 days a week.
  • We recommend that you find out in advance how the final recipient feels about ordering a purple bouquet of their tulips. If this color is annoying, it is better to buy a different item from the site.
  • February 14, March 8 are the first dates in the calendar year, the celebration of which is accompanied by the donation of bouquets. We will help to show worthy attention to loving and dear people.

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